Roundup Causes Bees to Starve to Death

Roundup Causes Bees to Starve to Death

Roundup Causes Bees to Starve to Death

Everybody’s heard of roundup. Heck, I’ve used it to kill the weeds in my own lawn and garden. But now, a recent study in The Journal of Experimental Biology has concluded that Roundup is causing bees to starve to death.

Roundup contains glyphosate, which is its primary active ingredient. When bees come into contact with glyphosate, they forget how to forage correctly and can’t eat.

Scientists at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina conducted the study. They used bees in most agricultural environments within the country and exposed them to amounts of roundup they would probably encounter in natural foraging. What they found was shocking. They discovered that these amounts of roundup won’t kill bees, but it will affect them at sub-lethal levels.

The bees exposed to the roundup were found to lose the ability to find and identify food. These bees also had lower sucrose sensitivity. Moreover, exposed bees exhibited memory loss, thus contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in which bees can’t find their way back to the hive and end up dying.

Contaminated bees also bring roundup back to the hive. The tainted nectar is poison to all the other bees. As a result, the entire hive can become infected, which leads to disastrous results for the entire colony.

Back in 2010, a veteran beekeeper predicted that roundup was the main cause of Colony Collapse Disorder. For years, he had observed how his bees behaved when nearby fields were sprayed with roundup. Now, it looks like his prediction has come to fruition. So the next time you use roundup, keep in mind what it can do to your friendly neighborhood honey bee.

You can view the complete study here: