12 lbs. Creamed Bucket – 100% Pure, Raw, Unfiltered Bulk Clover Honey


One 12 lb. Cox’s Delicious Creamed Honey bucket. Great for refilling.

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  • 100% PURE, RAW, AND NATURAL HONEY as made by the honeybees from the flower nectar they gather, transform and store in honeycombs
  • CREAMED HONEY is a controlled form of granulation. Essentially, Cox’s Honey takes liquid honey, accelerates the granulation process, then runs it through a mill to beat down all the granules, and packages it. The process results in a smooth texture and more robust taste. It also turns white as the mill crushes its granules. There is absolutely nothing added or taken away. It is just one step further from our signature pure clover honey.
  • QUALITY CLOVER HONEY. Cox’s Honey comes from the very best high mountain clover. It is perfectly mild and great-tasting. It is PURE clover honey and is the best honey on the market
  • IDAHO HONEY. Our honey is grown in or near Southeastern Idaho. Our honey comes to you as pure as nature made it, retaining all the delicate vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that make pure honey one of the greatest foods known to man
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