The Benefits of Honey Go from A to Z

Honey has many benefits—we found at least one for every letter of the alphabet!

Allergies can be lessened and sometimes overcome with eating honey.
Burns heal faster and better.
Cooking with honey gives more flavor without weighing you down.
Diabetes can be helped using honey.
E.coli, shigella, and salmonella stand no chance with honey.
Fatigue can be a thing of the past with instant energy honey.
Good source of vitamins and minerals.
Immune systems grow stronger and better with daily doses of honey.
Just an ounce a honey prior to bed refuels the liver and allows fats to burn.
Kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
Lubricating, thus it has a mild laxative effect.
Moisturizing for your skin as well as your hair.
Natural: no artificial flavors or preservatives.
Obesity is fought by taking daily doses of honey.
Predigested, so it is easy for the body to digest unlike sugar.
Quick source of energy.
Raw honey is a great way to build immunity to allergens.
Sweetener: the oldest and healthiest.
Thiamine and riboflavin for your diet can come from honey.
Ulcers can be treated and healed by honey.
Very good shelf life – 100 years!
Wounds for centuries have been healed using honey.
Xellent source of B and C vitamins.
Your health increases day by day if honey is a part of your diet.
Zinc exists in honey.

And the best part… it is NATURE’S FINEST SWEETENER!