Honey Is Effective Against The Flu

Honey Is Effective Against The Flu

Honey Is Effective Against The Flu

It is common knowledge now that honey is effective against the common cold. But how effective is it against other viruses, such as the flu? It turns out that honey may be just as effective against the flu as it is against the common cold.

The Study

In a study published in Archives of Medical Research titled, Anti-influenza Viral Effects of Honey in Vitro: Potent High Activity of Manuka Honey, researchers tested strains of the flu virus against different types of honey.

In the study, researchers infected 48-well plates of MDCK cells with the influenza virus. The plates were then treated with the following types of honey: Manuka, Soba, Honeydew, Acacia, and Renge. Each type of honey effectively limited the spread of the virus within the cells, with Manuka honey demonstrating the best results.

The results of the study has several implications. First, pharmaceutical companies can research the effect honey has and create new honey-based drugs. Secondly, the studies validate the use of honey in home remedies.

The Results

The researchers concluded the following with their study…

“In conclusion, the results obtained showed that honey, in general, and particularly manuka honey, has potent inhibitory activity against influenza virus, demonstrating a possible medicinal value. Further investigations are required to identify the active antiviral components in manuka honey and to determine its synergistic effects with known antiviral drugs” (Ji, 2015).

While Manuka honey is the most effective type of honey against viruses, other types of honeys can work as well. For instance, clover honey has some punch against bacteria and viruses as well. Several studies used clover honey, and all have found that raw, unfiltered, clover honey is effective against bacteria and viruses.

Whichever type of honey you may choose to use, you can never go wrong when implementing honey into your diet. Your body will thank you for it.


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