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Creamed Honey

We have all had honey that ‘crystallizes,’ and know of its unfavorable ‘gritty’ feel. The grit we feel is the forming of little granules as honey naturally granulates or hardens. It does not mean the honey is bad, but in fact, nature is preserving its finest sweetener. Cox’s Honey has a method to take granulated honey and make it feel and taste wonderful – Creamed Honey.

How Creamed Honey is Made

Creamed Honey is a controlled form of granulation. Essentially, Cox’s Honey takes liquid honey, accelerates the granulation process, then runs it through a mill to beat down all the granules, and packages it. The process results in a smooth texture and more robust taste. It also turns white as the mill crushes its granules. There is absolutely nothing added or taken away. It is just one step further from our signature pure clover honey.

Creamed Honey is delicious to the taste. You can spread it on toast, bagels, and sandwiches. This delicious version of honey is ‘thicker’ and thus does not run like your liquid honey does. You can use honey for muffins and cornbread to give it that powerful sweet punch. And yes, it can still be used to bake and cook. It is an excellent way to store honey, as it does not go back to being ‘gritty’. Keep it at 65oF or less and it stays like that indefinitely.

Delicious Creamed Honey…try this excellent product from your friends at Cox’s Honey.

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Creamed Honey