Cox’s Honey is a Proud Supplier for Cafe Zupas and Kneaders

Cafe Zupas and Kneaders Honey

Cox’s Honey is a Proud Supplier for Cafe Zupas and Kneaders

Cox’s Honey has become synonymous with quality and great tasting honey. We take pride in the fact that our honey is pure, raw honey. Not only is it the purest honey on the market, it is the best tasting honey as well. But don’t take our word for it.

Restaurants and food companies are beginning to take notice of just how good our honey is. In fact, Cox’s Honey is the primary supplier of honey for Cafe Zupas and Kneaders. Both companies are known for the quality of food they serve.

Cafe Zupas

In 2014, Cafe Zupas and Cox’s Honey struck a deal. As a result of that deal, Cox’s Honey became Cafe Zupas’s primary honey supplier. The restaurant uses our honey in their food recipes and drink mixes. Take a look below at how Cafe Zupas is using Cox’s Delicious Honey.


Following Cafe Zupas’s tradition, Kneaders contacted us wanted us to package our honey into containers with their label, which in turn they would turn around and sell in their bakeries and shops. It’s a win-win situation for both of us. Kneaders gets to capitalize on the quality of honey we produce, and we gain another partner to provide honey for.

Kneaders Creamed and Liquid Honey

So the next time you visit Cafe Zupas and Kneaders, know that the great tasting food and drinks you order contain Cox’s Honey pure, raw honey — simply the best honey on the market.

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