Brilliant Bees, Brilliant Colony

Larvae Diet Determines Future Worker Bees from Queens

Brilliant Bees, Brilliant Colony


Bees. Yes, Bees. The flying bugs that makes us want to run. Why? Is it because they sting? By all means, that would make me want to run. But here are some amazing facts about these flying honey-makers:

  They pollinate:

You know that fruit or vegetable you ate this morning? Bees pollinated that. What is a Pollinator? It is an insect (The Bee) that carries pollen from flower to flower. They help plants reproduce! So you can thank them for that apple you ate.

 Working as one:

Bees have a sense of unity, therefore they work as one to reach the main goal. The goal is to produce honey. Ever been to an event and everyone is doing their own thing which results in just chaos? That is not the situation when it comes to the colony. They know what they have to do and they get it done. Hm, sounds like some of us can learn something from the honey bees.

  See how they fly:

Have you seen how they can fly? They are like freaky-fast. I’m talking fly 15 MPH fast. Their wings can beat from 190-280 beats per second! But depending on how much pollen and nectar they are carrying determines how far and fast they fly. So if you see a bee flying really slow, she’s probably has quite the load.

 Master Builders:

Looking into a bee hive, you will find hexagon-shaped cells filled with honey, brood (baby bees), pollen or nothing at all. The bees have built-in master minds therefore they have the ability to shape and mold perfectly symmetrical cells. Bees don’t even have to have a “blueprint” before they start building, though I am sure the Queen has some say. If you look even closer, you will find that some are “capped.” This means that there is honey or brood within the walls of wax. They cap it so that the honey or brood doesn’t become contaminated or grow bacteria.

Bees working to make honey at Cox's Honey


Final thoughts:

These creatures blow me away with their capabilities. They are certainly a heaven-sent. I encourage you to study more about bees, there is so much to learn! I hope that they are more of a joy to you than a flying pain-inflicter. If you want to buy some of their work, click here and you will be shown the gallery. Thanks and have a nice day.

P.S. Bees will not attack you if you don’t bother them. You mind your own business and they will mind theirs!


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