Honey Recipes

Grilled Honey, Lime and Cumin Marinated Shrimp

07 Dec Grilled Honey, Lime and Cumin Marinated Shrimp

This grilled shrimp recipe will tingle your taste buds. In a medium sized bowl combine honey, lime juice, 1 tablespoon of cilantro, jalapeno and lime zest. To enhance the flavor of the cumin, heat in a small skillet set over low heat, stirring, until warmed...

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Honey Mustard Pastry Twists

30 Nov Honey Mustard Pastry Twists

Enjoy a great tasting snack with this Honey Mustard Pastry Twists recipe. Directions: Line 2 large baking sheets with aluminum foil. ...

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Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham

09 Nov Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham

Celebrate Thanksgiving with this delicious Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham. Bake ham on rack in shallow baking pan at 325°F for 1 hour or to 120°F on meat thermometer. Drain pineapple; reserve liquid. Combine reserved liquid, honey, mustard and cloves; mix well. Click to read more...

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Sweet Spicy Salmon with Honeyed Mango Salsa

26 Oct Sweet Spicy Salmon with Honeyed Mango Salsa

Sweet Spicy Salmon with Honeyed Mango Salsa. To prepare the salsa, combine the mango, bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, 1 tablespoon of lime juice, 1 tablespoon honey and jalapeno in a medium bowl. Stir well and refrigerate until ready to use. Whisk together the honey,...

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Honey Teriyaki Sauce

19 Oct Honey Teriyaki Sauce

Your taste buds will thank you for this delicious honey teriyaki sauce. Combine all ingredients and blend well. *Dry white wine may be substituted. Marinate chicken, fish, beef or pork in All-Purpose Honey Teriyaki Sauce for 1 or more hours, depending on type of meat...

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Baked Honey Bacon Benedict

12 Oct Baked Honey Bacon Benedict

Start your day off right with this delicious, Baked Honey Bacon Benedict recipe. Preheat oven to 350° Spread each muffin half with butter and bake for 10 minutes on a sheet pan, set aside. Spread the bacon out on a parchment lined sheet pan and...

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Honey Baked Chicken

05 Oct Honey Baked Chicken

Sink your teeth into this mouthwatering, Honey Baked Chicken recipe. Your taste buds will thank you. Heat your oven to 400 degrees F. and have a large baking pan (9x13) nearby. Set up a breading station with 3 shallow bowls, filling one with the flour,...

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Honey Granola

28 Sep Honey Granola

Combine oats, nuts and raisins in large mixing bowl; mix well and set aside. Combine honey, butter, cinnamon, vanilla and salt in saucepan; bring to boil and cook one minute. Pour honey mixture over oat mixture and toss until well blended. Spread in lightly greased...

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Honey Wheat Pretzel Rolls

21 Sep Honey Wheat Pretzel Rolls

These Honey Wheat Pretzel Rolls are absolutely delicious. Use them for sandwiches, a side for a meal, or simply eat them just as a dinner roll....

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